Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jones Beach

jones beach
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Stepping into Bob Jones' colonial-style Virginia Beach home is like taking a fantastic voyage through his teenage mind, back when the Beatles were still together and gumball machines stood in front of drugstores around his native Norfolk. In fact First the Sequester cuts took the American military out of the jones beach Air Show and now the cold and rainy start to Memorial Day has washed out the first day of the air show. The Bethpage Air Show at jones beach will go on as scheduled on Sunday from After suffering severe damage in Hurricane Sandy, the oceanside amphitheater at jones beach re-opened yesterday with a full roster of summer concerts for New York fans and over $20 million in renovations and improvements. The venue officially The summer like temperatures are going to last throughout the weekend -- so do you know what you're doing this weekend? Here's a quick look at what's happening around the area if you're still undecided on what to do and where to go. TGIF means it's time to "It was a priority for Live Nation to work quickly to return this historic venue to working order," said Michael Rapino, CEO and President of Live Nation Entertainment. "Of course it was important to the artists who love to play at Jones Beach every New York state officials have announced the completion of a $1.3 million safety renovation and expansion of the Jones Beach bicycle path. State Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey says the changes include linking the 4-mile Wantagh State Parkway to a new path .

The Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach will go on as scheduled Sunday after poor weather cancelled Saturday's show. "The show is on," said state parks regional director George Gorman Jr. Shortly after the pilot's briefing at 7 a.m. Gorman said The Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach was back in business today after weather grounded the annual event yesterday. A lone F-18 from the Royal Canadian Air Force tore through the skies above Jones Beach, thrilling some onlookers, while others speculated CLATSKANIE – People who live near Jones Beach have had enough of the loud parties that can last late on summer nights. The occasionally unmuffled ATV roaring up the beach in the middle of the night has kept neighbors awake -- which doesn’t make it any Davy Jones was famously short — 5-foot-3 on a good day, though he once fibbed and put “5-foot-4” on his driver’s license. And now the late entertainer’s pint-sized pizzazz has been captured in a lifesize statue that shows the former Monkee in his .


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jones beach

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jones beach

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jones beach

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