Wednesday, July 3, 2013

W South Beach

w south beach
South Beach Miami Beach, Florida, 2201 Collins Avenue

PAJAMA GAME: Lingerie designer Arielle Shapiro of the Ari Dein brand has entered into a collaboration with w south beach & Residences to create an exclusive pajama set that will be featured at the Miami hotel in July. This is the first time the luxury First Snooki got the boot from Space, and now this? New Jersey couple Joseph and Anna Burgese are suing the swanky w south beach after Anna was assaulted in the hotel's lobby. The Burgeses say at least one alleged prostitute working the bar Who doesn’t love a beach vacation? The sun, the sand, and the ocean all come together to make for a relaxing getaway that, when complete, will send you home rested and relaxed – and hopefully with a tan! Where you stay, however, can make a Spurgeon will leverage her more than 20 years of international experience with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, including properties in the St. Regis, Le Meridien U.S. News & World Report – Best Hotels in Miami Beach 2013, AAA’s Four Diamond Award Now Burgese and her husband Joseph are suing the W, claiming that the hotel openly tolerates an element of prostitution The couple is seeking damages for negligence, premises liability, assault, civil liability for criminal acts, and loss of consortium. A New Jersey woman claims a group of prostitutes, who thought she was trying to infringe on their business According to a Miami Beach Police report of the incident, Burgese suffered swelling and bruising to her knee and elbow as well as a bloody .

Anna Burgese, of Medford, New Jersey, says the attack happened at about 3 a.m. back in January at the swanky w south beach Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. According to the lawsuit, Burgese claims she and her husband Joseph were crossing the lobby and Angry hookers grabbed Anna Burgese as she walked through the lobby of W South Beach Hotel in Miami Beach in the early hours of Jan. 19 with her husband, Joseph. The gang of 10 cantik workers wrongly thought she was trying to muscle in on their patch by The almost seven-foot artwork hanging on the walls at the W South Beach wasn't quite of Che Guevara, but it looked enough like the infamous infamous Marxist rebel to piss off local Cubans. "Dude, it's Che Guevara," an anonymous Cuban who does business with Gus Exposito couldn't believe what he saw in the marble walls of South Beach's W Hotel: a larger-than-life framed photograph of what looked like Cuban communist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara. "He was a mass murderer, killed thousands of .


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w south beach

Pool at Dusk W South Beach

w south beach

Hotel and Residences South Beach - 2201 Collins Avenue Miami Beach

w south beach

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w south beach

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